Daring to Die: The Story of the Black Devils DVD



The First Special Service Force, a forerunner to today’s U.S. Special Forces, was a unique commando outfit in WWII. Composed of both American and Canadian soldiers, they were highly trained in mountain warfare, parachuting, hand-to-hand combat, stealthy night fighting, and were trained on virtually every weapon in the Allied and Axis arsenals. A small unit, they were constantly pitted against much larger forces with odds that would overwhelm other units. Their first battle they were detailed to take Monte La Difensa, a heavily defended mountaintop that had held up the Allied advance to Rome for weeks. They took it in a single night, and immediately established a reputation for accomplishing tasks that no one else could do. But it was in Anzio, where their repeated night time raids into enemy lines, leaving their chilling stickers stating “The Worst is Yet to Come” on German positions and dead bodies that they earned the nickname “The Black Devils.”

This acclaimed documentary vividly gets inside the Force, exploring both the history of the unit and the personal stories which reveal what it meant to be a member of this extraordinary fighting force. Greg Hancock, the director of this documentary film, is the son of a Canadian member of the Force who brings the men of this unique fighting force to life as he tells their individual stories.