The Supercommandos: First Special Service Force, 1942 – 1944 An Illustrated History



The Supercommandos describes the organization, training, and combat operations of the First Special Service Force. In addition to the text are nearly 400 black and white photographs. The book Includes full-color maps, detailed graphics, charts, and numerous copies of key original FSSF documents. The book also provides over eighty full-color plates of First Special Service Force uniforms, insignia, weapons, and equipment. The Supercommandos is the most comprehensive book regarding the First Special Service Force with many photographs of their training at Fort Harrison and in the surrounding Montana mountains as well as their clothing, equipment, and weapons.

Many of the photographs taken during the Italian Campaign were by famed World War II LIFE magazine combat photographer Robert Capa who spent considerable time with the FSSF troops. Many of these photos could not be released until after World War II because the very existence of the FSSF was considered top secret.