Papuan Campaign: The Buna-Sanananda Operation, 16 November 1942 – 23 January 1943 (American Forces in Action)




Papuan Campaign: The Buna-Sanananda Operation (16 November 1942 – 23 January 1943) is one of a series of fourteen studies of World War II operations originally published by the War Department’s Historical Division and now returned to print as part of the Army’s commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of that momentous clash of arms. These volumes, prepared by professional historians shortly after the events described, provide a concise summary of some of the major campaigns and battles fought by American soldiers. The skillful combination of combat interviews with primary sources, many of which are now lost, gives these unassuming narratives a special importance to military historians. The careful analysis of key operations provides numerous lessons for today’s military students. Contents include: Part 1: Buna (Background of the Buna Operation, Battering at Buna, Warren Front: Capture of the Old Strip, Urbana Front: Capture of Buna Mission), Part II – San Ananda (Background of the Sanananda Operation, The Road Block, and The Capture of Sanananda).