Camp Rimini and Beyond: WW II Memoirs by Dave Armstrong



One of the least known or documented military camps during World War II was the War Dog Reception and Training Center, Camp Rimini, Helena, Montana. The camp was the only training center of its kind for the training of sled dogs, pack dogs and the men to handle them. It was the only training center of its kind for sled dogs and pack dogs. This is David Armstrong, Jr.’s memory being of his experiences as one of those men who were sled dog trainers and drivers.

Note:   David told fellow volunteers at the Montana Military Museum that he did not learn until many years after the War that the original plan for his sled dog unit was to parachute drop them with the First Special Service Force into Norway for the Force’s original planned operation to attack Norwegian hydroelectric plants. The Force and the War Dog unit were both top secret and were formed and trained within a few miles of each other outside Helena, Montana but neither, except for their commanding officers, knew of each other’s existence.