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The U.S. Army in Frontier Montana (Books)

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The U.S. Army in Frontier Montana by Ronald V. Rockwell           Price:  $29.95

Paperback with 504 pages, 6 x 9, 34 b/w photos, 10 map(s), index, appendix,

This history of the U.S. Army in early Montana includes early explorations and surveys; efforts to secure the Bozeman Trail; the establishment of Fort Shaw, Fort Ellis, and the stationing of troops at Fort Benton (1867); and the subsequent establishment of Camp Baker (1870) and Fort Missoula (1877). The book also details life at the posts. A thorough description (including the rationale and consequences) of the Piegan (1870), Sioux of Northern Cheyenne (1876-1881), and Nez Perce (1877) campaigns is also featured.  The U.S. Army in Frontier Montana:

  • offers a thorough discussion of the rationale, conduct, and aftermath of all U.S. Army campaigns in frontier Montana.

  • features thoroughly documented military history, utilizing records from the National Archives

  • includes first person accounts from army officers, enlisted men, and army scouts as well as officials of the Office of Indian Affairs.

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