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Daring to Die: The Story of the Black Devils (Books)

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Daring to Die: The Story of the Black Devils (2003)   47 minute DVD   Price:  $30.00

In 1942, the First Special Service Force was organized as a unique joint Canadian and American commando unit. Daring to Die follows the story of the Black Devils from the unit’s formation and training in Helena, Montana through their most famous campaigns, as told by the veterans the Devil’s Brigade themselves.  The video includes vintage footage of their training at Fort Harrison to combat in Italy to the day the unit is disbanded in Merton, France.  Viewers will find this an engrossing portrait of this unique World War II unit and the courageous men who served in it.  The film includes many touching personal interviews with original members of the Force. 

Written and Produced by Greg Hancock, a grandson of a Force member.

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