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The Last Fighting General (Books)

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The Last Fighting General: The Biography of Robert Tryon Frederick by Anne Hicks   Price:  $35.00

Hardcover with over 40 b/w photographs;   272 pages. 

This is the biography of the legendary U.S. Army officer who formed, trained, and led the unique Canadian-American First Special Service Force (popularly known as the “Devil’s Brigade”). Robert T. Frederick was the youngest infantry general, the youngest division commander, and one of the most decorated and wounded general officers in World War II. But Frederick was not just a warrior. Highly intelligent, he was an independent thinker who was as courageous and innovative in peacetime as he was in combat. He pioneered racial integration on army training bases, devised training regimens used throughout North America, and left a record that would seem almost mythical if not true. The author, Frederick’s daughter, offers unique insights few other persons could provide.

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