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Devils Brigade - Complete Four Episode Series (Books)

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Devil's Brigade - Complete Four Episode Series      (2008)      DVD        $25.00  

This Canadian television special was filmed at Fort Harrison, Montana where the original First Special Service Force was formed and trained and on location at Monte La Difensa, Italy, “The Devil's Brigade” is a fascinating mix of reality TV and documentary. The film is interspersed with original archival footage and modern interviews with Montana FSSF veterans.  The group of actual Canadian and American soldiers took part in authentic, tough training in hand to hand combat and mountain climbing at Fort Harrison and in nearby Montana mountains, just like the original Forcemen. Their training literally “pulls no punches.”  Their comments on the World War II gear compared to their modern equipment and how heavy and uncomfortable it was were interesting and put the accomplishments of the actual FSSF in perspective.  In the finale, the soldiers follow the route of the First Special Service Force in a mock attack on Monte la Difensa and visit the Allied cemeteries in Italy where many of the FSSF fallen are buried.  


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